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LIFETIME Bloomcoil Reducer

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34.99 EUR/10 years

About LIFETIME Bloomcoil Reducer

 💎 How does our bloom reducer work?

First of all, many bloom reducers work in different ways. For example, some bloom reducers are just crouch macros to reduce bullet spread but personally i think that this is ineffective especially in Fortnite. Our self-coded bloom reducer is unique and modern. It's mainly mouse tweaks such as mouse movement/tremble which help with maintaining the crosshair stable at shaky movements and in general. Furthermore, via python code when you press your keyboard while aiming, we alter your movement (Not noticeable/not going to mess up your movement) so that we accomplish the minimal bullet spread.

💎 How does our recoil reducer work?

Our recoil reducer is a python script which pulls your mouse down so you can maintain a full-stable crosshair!!! You don't even need to move your hand!!!


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